StarForce reloaded on Apple phone

Sky Force ReloadedWhether you are a casual gamer or a game addict, Star Force Reloaded gives you the ultimate thrill. This classic Shmup or a shoot them up video game dazzles even the critics. If you loved the Star Force 2014, then this game will definitely push your addiction further. It combines the original features of Star force with new and improved shooting environment and resources. To play the game, the player has to dodge enemy attacks while destroying enemies.

The player typically shoots opponents down while avoiding being hit. There are moving enemies and ground-based enemies ready to unleash fire. The goal is to keep the mission high and dry without being hit by enemies.

Speaking of control and navigation, Star Force Reloaded gives you unique gaming environment. Typically, the game is played using your touchscreen buttons. Its original version for feature phones offered a fantastic one-handed control system and sky force reloaded keeps this feature. It makes the game easy to navigate and progress. The game is largely based on the reaction time of the player to retain life to give you an amazing over the edge sensation every time you make a maneuver dodge enemy fire.

The stages combine a nice atmospheric level and memorable battles. Unlike other games that can really get wacky fast and thick, the game is nicer and friendly, especially at the beginning. This friendly nature does not mean that it lacks the ‘aha’ moments that experienced gamers prefer. It is not excessively complicated and balances wild party with breathers here and there.

The game offers objective-based boosters to up your score and level of indulgence. These objectives earn you buff cards, missiles, upgrade shields and much more. The game gets even better by offering you a chance to save civilians, which obviously risks your mission, and earn more boosters. A kind of humanitarian mission that serves to enhance the thrill. Further, you can rescue fallen friends making it fun and worthwhile.

Star force reloaded has reloaded 3D graphics that bring gaming to new and only imagined frontiers. The 3D graphics give a breathtaking environment that includes planes, customization and all manner of maneuvers. The game gives you a surreal combat moment.

The soundtrack gets you jamming and rocking. The game combines a full voice over for the entire game. As higher levels unleash more difficult objectives, the voice over gets more encouraging and humorous to keep you glued to the game. The rap jam beats work really well and combines with the tempo of the game nicely.

The game offers the free-to-play version with adverts and limits. You can buy lives, boosters, and other shooting artillery to spruce up your scores and adventure too. The game is friendly in its monetization techniques giving you more adventure while saving up.


Squid (formerly Papyrus) – The New Way to Write and Draw

squid-formerly-papyrusSquid, The New Way to Write and Draw

Taking handwritten notes is an absolute must for many people. You need to take notes to jot down and remember important ideas, to edit papers, even to write letters and memos. But in many cases, you just can’t do that anymore. The pen and paper or notepad are too bulky or you forget them and when you need to write something down you’re just out of luck. Well, that’s where technology can come in and save the day. If you have an android tablet you are using, then you can have enough space to write a book if you want to because now there is Squid. Squid is an Android application that runs on the iPad and other devices. Squid makes it easy to take notes write essays, write PDF files, edit papers, and even write books if you feel like it. You can use almost anything to write with on Squid like a passive stylus, active pen, and even your finger. You can also easily markup and redo PDF’s, copy or paste and move written content around your document to even import images and draw shapes. In fact, turn your device into a basic whiteboard and give presentations or use it as a conference platform by wirelessly connecting it to a projector or television screen. Squid has hundreds of uses.

Squid is comprised of a vector-based graphics engine that is designed to keep and illustrate your notes and images in a graphically pleasing format regardless of the zoom level you use or the devices you are running Squid on. Modifying your work is a snap too because you have the capability to erase entire letters and words quickly with stroke eraser tool or if you decide to you can just erase parts of a sentence or image by using the true eraser tool. If you decide on using the selection tool you can alter not only the color and thickness of the handwriting but you can even resize a drawing in your document whenever you want, all without any loss of quality. By using squid with an active pen, Squid can take advantage of the pen’s special features by providing your writing and drawing experience with natural, pressure sensitive capabilities, just like a real pencil. It has also been meticulously engineered to be not only a powerful writing and drawing tool but to also be simple and intuitive to use.


Flow Free

Flow Free AppIf you’re a Gamer who enjoys a good mind test, then you’ll enjoy this puzzle game available on both android and apple markets. A very addictive game consisting of easy levels that progressively gets harder each level. With over 1,500 puzzles you can rest assure your brain will get tested. You can also test your speed in the time trial mode of the game.

The object of the game is to match the color circle to second circle of the same color. The circles are on a table, the easier levels are tables of 5×5 with 5 different color circles, usually red, blue, green, orange and yellow. As you slide your finger from the circle to the second circle a strip will fill in the boxes showing a trail. You have to fill every box in the table, making the connection not so simple because the patterns cannot cross. Meaning the one color strip cannot cross over the other color stripe. The addiction comes from trying to get a perfect match for each puzzle.

If you match the circles with one swipe per circle, then you will get a perfect rating. The time trial is a little trickier because you have the same rules, but racing against the clock. If you can think fast on your toes and good at figuring out problems in a rush, then this is the mode for you. If you like to take your time to figure out the pattern so you can be right the first time, then free play is your mode.

Like mentioned earlier, the levels get harder as you complete each level. Meaning, as you complete each puzzle the dynamic of the puzzle will change. The first table may be 5×5 with only 5 circles to match, while the next table will be 10×10 with 10 circles or even 10×10 tables with 5 circles. The more squares in the table with less circles to match makes it harder to fill in every square. You’ll have to do some creative thinking to fill every square. Less squares with more circles to match makes is just as hard because it will be easier to cross patterns.

Free flow is a bright and colorful game that is easily addictive. You can find yourself playing the game for hours, getting lost while testing your skill of problem solving with every puzzle and time trial.