Best Free Apps Asks, What Makes a Great App?

Best Free Apps Asks, What Makes a Great App?

As we continue to post about the best free apps, we would love to hear back from our readers about what they think makes an app a best app. We determine than an app is a best app using a list of different factors.

1)Is it Free or Overpopulated with ads (that’s a big negative)
2)Ease of Use
3)Bug free
6)How long it takes us to want to remove it from our smartphone.
8)Size of Download
9)Does it save on SD
10)Is it fun or useful?

These are some of the factors that go into us determining if an app is a best free app. If you would like to comment, add more factors or give us your opinion, please make use of the comments section below. We appreciate feedback and thank you for your support!

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