Best Free Apps Falldown 3D

Currently in the number two position on the app store most popular free apps is the new Falldown 3D app brought to users by applidium developers. The game is easy to understand and follow and relies on quick reflexes.

The game uses the tilt technology of an iPhone to control where the ball goes through each level of the game. Keep the phone stead and don’t make any quick movements to avoid losing the ball. The point is to keep the ball on the screen while avoiding falling off the edges. Navigate properly through each opening and it will result in a victory.

There are different bonus powers that can be collected throughout the game including slow motion, multi ball and a ghost bonus. As the game progresses the balls motion increases and it becomes harder to control. It is a fun and addictive game that can be challenging and keeps the user coming back for more.

free app iphone falldown 3D

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