Best Free Apps for iPad

Angry Birds Rio

This is a tie in promotion between the ever popular Angry Birds and the Fox Motion Picture Rio.  This best  free app takes the original mechanics of the first game and adds some of the fun from Rio. It includes two new birds, six new levels and additional achievements.

Contract Killer

Contract Killer brings you into the life of the underworld as a paid assassin.  You select your weapon from a sniper rifle, machine guns or even an assault rifle.  You will go through missions that pit you against some of the worst that the world of crime has to offer.  You can choose to kill or tranq your targets.  With unlimited random missions, this free app for the iPad has a lot of long playing potential.

Block Shooter HD

Knock down blocks that have hold different attributes.  Some might bounce and others might explode.  Play through each level, different terrains and weather conditions and collect points.  Just remember, red blocks are bad, blue blocks are good and you should do fine.

The Secret of Hildegards

Enter the world of the mysterious Secret of Hildegards.  This free app offering for the iPad has an intriguing plot line, excellent graphics and fun game play.


iBooks gives you another way to read eBooks.  Download a classic or a modern release and flip through the pages of the books you have on your virtual bookshelf.  This book reading app gives you some much needed functions like good backlighting for the iPad and access to the iBookstore.

Friendly Facebook for iPad

It’s Facebook but made friendly for the iPad.  This free app, which is not affiliated with Facebook, gives you a quick way to switch between accounts and to view your Facebook account with the iPad.  It even gives you the option to change fonts and other customized preferences to get the exact look you want Facebook to have.

The Weather Channel Max for iPad

Local, regional and national weather straight to your iPad from the best source of accurate weather forecasting, The Weather Channel.  Find out if dangerous weather conditions exist for your travel dates or just check to see if that trip to the park will require an umbrella.  Includes maps and videos with informative weather related topics.

AppStart for iPad

This app gives you the best selection of the first ten apps you should have on your iPad based on your preferences and use of the iPad through helpful categories.  The App provides a source of constantly updated lists of app that you will find useful or entertaining on your iPad.


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