Best Free iPhone Apps | Top 5 Free Apps for iPhone

Best Free iPhone Apps

These top free apps for the iPhone are games that range from keeping you occupied to completely addicted.

Zentonimo Free App

Zentomino is one of the newest addictions to come to the iTunes world. It provides an excellent combination of various puzzle games, but requires the player to really use their brain and problem solving skills. The first few levels are fairly simple and straightforward, and become increasingly more difficult as the game progresses. It is definitely one of the best free apps available, and is much better to stimulate your brain than some of the others out there. It’s the perfect game to play when you need a little break from the mundane. They have recently updated the game which shows that the company cares about keeping things current, and the update even added nine new levels, which is great news for those that have already beaten, or are on their way to, the rest of them.

Top 5 Best iPhone Apps this Week

Free Apps Office Jerk

This game is one for all those who currently work, or who have ever worked in an office environment. Every office has one of those people that are the boss’s pet, and that you just want to tell off from time to time, but know you can’t. When you get in that mind set, let the Office Jerk have it, app style. Take your time selecting just the right item to throw at him. Whether you choose the chocolate cupcake or just a simple paper ball, you will surely be able to get some aggression out quickly and easily while keeping your position intact. Anyone that is a fan of the movie Office Space will get a chuckle out of the shiny red stapler you can throw, though you may prefer to keep it.

Lyric Legend for iPhone

Lyric Legend is a fun new twist on discovering what artist’s are actually singing in their hit songs. Instead of simply listing the lyrics, they have turned it into a game. While most people will enjoy this version, there will be some that would rather have a listing of the lyrics instead. You will also have to know a little bit about how the song sounds, as you will have to tap the spheres that contain the words at the right time to match up to the song. There are hundreds of songs already included, and you can download more for a small fee as you master the others. Since there are so many songs to choose from out there, it is unlikely you will ever run out of options.

Zombie Café

Zombie Café is a fun new take on a popular theme. There are many games out there allowing you to run your own restaurant, bakery, pizza shop, etc, but this is the first one to appeal to a broader audience by using a much more entertaining subject matter; zombies. Instead of automatically supplying you with recipes and ingredients, you have to steal them from other cafes. All of the recipes are zombie inspired, and you can customize your café and zombie avatar. You can link it to your Facebook account as well, and enlist friends to send you items and help build your café. The best little twist is making sure you don’t work your zombie staff too hard. If you do, they are likely to eat the customers!


Fragger is a game that seems to be heavily inspired by Angry Birds, but with a more military twist. Instead of those evil pigs laughing at you, you are blowing things up with grenades. Instead of a slingshot, your fingers control the speed and direction in which you aim. The goal, like Angry Birds, is to kill all of your enemies, which are people instead of pigs. There is also a much larger variety of worlds, including the new pirate world. There are also over three hundred levels to play, providing hours of entertainment.

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