Blob Eat Blob Lite iPhone app Review


The universe has been run a muck by blobs.  In order to prover your dominance over the other annoying blobs out there, you need to eat all the blobs that are smaller than you.  This is the only way to get to the top of the food chain and enjoy all of the spoils that come from that.  The goal of the game is to eat all of the smaller blobs.  As you continue to feed on all of these creatures you will increase in size and grow out of your galaxy and have to move on to the next one.  Each new galaxy you visit will be more challenging and your prey will be faster and bigger.

One of the other game modes is the Bloboid Mode.  In this mode you will have to be on top of your game because the blobs just keep coming and coming.  You have a little more than your appetite to help you in this game, however, and you can shoot up the other blobs until they are small enough for you to eat.  Try to survive and get the highest score you can before you are overtaken!

The last game is to defend your blob castle against invading blobs.  This offers a variety of challenging and fun levels to participate in.


  • Very easy game to pick up and play; all you do is tilt and turn the iPhone to move the blob around and you just press on the screen to get him to shoot
  • There are three main game modes all combined into this one app
  • You can either listen to the soundtrack that is provided or you can can put on your iTunes and jam out to your own mix
  • Each galaxy you play in is entirely random so you will play in a completely different one each time
  • This app fully uses the accelerometer in the iPhone and you can modify how sensitive the calibration will be, this helps you to customize your playing experience
  • You can track all of you high scores for each game so that you can improve
  • The game keeps track of all of your in-game statistics including how accurate your shot is, how many blobs you eat, and a lot more
  • If you have to exit the game quickly to take a call then don’t worry.  Your game will be saved and you can resume it once you are done


This game has a lot of replay value and you will find yourself enjoying the variety of different galaxies you can play.  Often, the simplest games are also the most fun.  Waste away hours while eating and shooting blobs.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently is free to download.

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