Checkpoints Free App to Save Money

Since the downfall of the economy people across the United States have been searching for new ways to save money and cut back on their expenses. There have been many programs established by independent companies to help people get the most out of there hard earned dollars. Many of these programs operate on a rewards based idea.

A recent program being developed for this purpose is the Checkpoints app. Checkpoint is a mobile application which encourages consumers to check in through phone GPS at different stores. At each store creating a “check point” will reward the user with a number of points towards their account.

In addition to checking in at the store, users can scan barcodes on special items and receive further points. These points are then translated into discounts and gift certificates that can be used in store or online. It is an easy way to combine a shopping trip with earning extra money and points to be put towards future trips and shopping expenses.


One thought on “Checkpoints Free App to Save Money

  1. I like Checkpoints when I get easy opportunities! Being in between jobs has not been easy and I really enjoy doing the missions for some of the other guys. My favorite newbie is iPoll. I have it on my iPhone and my wife on her android.

    Just yesterday, I got to do some really cool things for the Olympics at a local restaurant! Last week I went on a secret mission into a Target store and snapped a picture of a yoplait yogurt. The company is pretty good about catching cheaters so be careful!

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