Fart Attack – Lite Nokia app Review


The Fart Attack – Lite Nokia app is one of the funniest Nokia apps in the prank category.  You can perform all kinds of outlandish pranks on your friends and family at any occasion!  Set the phone near someone at dinner and use the Fart Alert option to have them go bright red.  Use it at a wedding reception by putting your phone at another timer and setting a timer so that the bomb goes off when your grandma sits down.   There are thousands of different prank combinations that can be created.

The app is really easy to use and has a simple navigation menu that allows you to pick what type of sound you want and how you want it to release it.  Just the fart sound itself will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.  Bring back the little kid inside and download the Fart Attack app today.


  • This is a free version of the original Fart Attack game
  • This little app lets you play some fun pranks on anybody that dares to sit next to you
  • There are a variety of different fart sounds that keep this game fun and will have you laughing out loud
  • You can use the “Fart Alert” option in order to pull some more stealthy pranks
  • You can also use the “Fart Bombs” feature by setting a timer, placing the phone next to one of your friends, and wait for it to go off and have your friend try and explain what happened
  • You will need to change your settings just a bit so that the network pop-ups don’t ruin your experience
  • In order to control connectivity pop ups, you should go to the settings tab, then on over to Application manager, over to installed applications, go to fart attack, then options, suite settings, over to network access, and choose to have it always allowed.


This is the virtual version of a whoopie cushion.  You can hide the phone, stick it in-between the couch by two people and set fart bombs and watch people try to explain what happened.  If done right, you can pull of some pretty hilarious pranks with your friends.  There are also a bunch of different fart sounds that are pretty hilarious.  This app definitely speaks to the immature person inside of you, so don’t download it if you are feeling like too much of an adult.

Voted 4 stars by Nokia app users and is currently free to download.

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