iBooks 2 iPhone App Review


The iBooks 2 iPhone app provides a simple and convenient solution to reading books on the go. Providing users with free and convenient access to the iBookstore, the iBooks 2 app makes reading old-time classics and new bestselling books easy. From the convenience of your own home, or whatever location you choose, you can download and read your favorite books any time of day or night. With a simple swipe or the tap of your hand, you can be flipping through pages, bookmarking your favorite passages and enjoying never-before-experienced moments with your favorite books and your imagination.


Key Features

*Convenient downloading with easy access to the iBookstore

*New opportunities for enhanced reading experiences with the iBookstore, introducing books with beautiful illustrations, memorable audio selections, video clips, and clever animations

*Free reading samples provided, allowing you to experience a real taste of the book before making your selection

*Simple sorting tools- by author, category, or title- allowing you to easily browse through and locate specific books on your bookshelf

*Easy customization with options for personal collections, screen brightness adjustments, sepia or white color tones, and font preferences

*Built in search feature, allowing you to easily locate specific words and phrases in your favorite novels

*Automatic bookmark syncing feature, providing you with convenient access to your bookmarks, notes, and pages on your iPhone, Ipad, and iPod touch

*Simple page navigation on every page, with the option to skip ahead to specific page numbers in your book

*Easy highlighting and notation features allowing you to customize your favorite books and easily locate favorite passages

*Print PDFs and memorable notes you have written with AirPrint

System Requirements

*iOS 4.2 or later

*To use the iBookstore, users must have an Apple ID

*The automatic bookmark syncing feature requires Wi-Fi  or a cellular data connection

*Most iBooks Author, ePub books, or PDF documents are compatible with iBooks

*DRM free books may be added from outside the iBookstore, but users must be upgraded to iTunes 9.2 or later versions. iTunes 10.5.3 is required to sync books with iBooks Author


If you enjoy reading on the go, the iBooks 2 iPhone app may be just what you have been looking for. This is a great app for anyone-whether you are an avid reader, a student, or only read on occasion. With an average user rating of 4/5 stars, it is no question that this is a quality app. Providing free and convenient web hosting access to hundreds of book choices, the iBooks 2 iPhone app is an app you will want to try.


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