IP CAM Viewer Lite Free Android App

free android app ip camIf you have a home security system set up with IP cams, then this app may be something that will improve security in your home or office. The IP Cam Viewer gives you control over webcams, DVRs and IP cameras as well as CCTV. If you have wanted an app to control and view your camera security system but didn’t want to pay nearly a thousand dollars for this type of app, then try this one out.
The app also lets you group cameras in case you have quite a lot of them.

If you have an old Android it can also be used to record video data with the record feature for standalone cameras. This is a great use for any old android phones. We recently gave our Samsung Instinct to one of the nieces of a staff member. She’s using it as an mp3 player. IP Cam really came up with a neat way to reuse old technology and that is always a plus.

The app supports several different models of cameras. This version of the app is free, but there is a paid one available that unlocks more features. One of the cool features is that the app can also display traffic cam feeds from across the nation. Great multipurpose app for the Android.

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  1. These sort of security is necessary now a days. People should care about their home environment and important belongings.

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