MoxtraTeamwork is the key to success for many industries and academic personnel. Without the tools to collaborate effectively, projects fall apart. The team that created the Moxtra app knows how important it is for individuals to be able to quickly and efficiently communicate in a collaborative atmosphere that inspires great ideas to come to life. Their motto is: Teamwork Reimagined. Moxtra’s version of what team is works well for the many people who have downloaded it from the iTunes store.

Highlights and Features

Real-time collaboration: Time is critical in many teams. You have to be able to quickly communicate and make good, solid decisions. Moxtra has you covered. You’ll be able to message quickly and work with teammates in a way that makes them always available for a project.

On Demand

Meetings are vital in teams. Messaging is a big emphasis in the Moxtra program. You can quickly alert team members to a needed meeting and come to a consensus on when the meeting time and place should be. Alert team members to changes quickly, also, and always feel connected to the people you’re working with by using the Moxtra app.


If team members are already working with other programs, it’s easy to fit them into Moxtra. Over 30 applications can be integrated with Moxtra, making it one of the most open and flexible teamwork programs in the world right now. You never have to worry if another teammate is using another program. Simply blend that program into Moxtra and you’re good to go. It works with Quickbooks, Dropbox, and Salesforce, to name just a few of the powerhouse’s businesses depend on for teamwork.

Video Conference

Organize a video conference easily and efficiently. You’ll not only be able to message your peers but instantly schedule conferences in the blink of an idea. This is extremely useful for the majority of businesses, whether they’re big or small.

Enterprise Businesses

If you’re an enterprise organization, it’s no problem. Moxtra continues to grow and support even enterprise level businesses. This sort of growth is promising for those people who discovered Moxtra after they discovered other applications. As Moxtra grows, the power of your business grows, too, and Moxtra really did experience growth so it knows what it takes to hang in there and become a part of a winning team.

Team building applications are vital for today’s industries. Whether you work in a for-profit industry, non-profit business, or academic organization, Moxtra can accommodate your needs easily with its elegant software. Moxtra continues to listen to the feedback of its clients and craft the perfect program for people who must work on teams in order to succeed. It makes the teamwork process less stressful and more productive and most importantly, it grows alongside the businesses and people it helps support. A team can truly get ahead by downloading the Moxtra program from the iTunes store and seeing why this program is now one of the leaders in the teamwork industry.