Dubsmash App Review

Dubsmash app

When you want to create odd sounds or your children want to annoy you, all you need to use is Dubsmash.

The Dubsmash app features several sounds to choose from that can be spliced together to make new, unique sounds. This makes for some pretty funny days and nights whether it’s at home or out and about with friends. However, the clips that are available are rather short. This means that you have to mix several sounds together if you want something that goes on for a few moments instead of simply a few seconds of your time. Overall, it’s an app that allows you to make some of the dumbest sounds that you can think of, which could end up disrupting some of the normal conversations that are held between family and friends.

One of the things that you can do with Dubsmash is make videos. You can create almost any kind of video that you want and add sounds to it later on so that there are effects with each phase of the video. It’s a free app, so why not spend a little time videoing the odd things that everyone does, later going back to sync music in the background or a chuckle every now and then? As long as it’s funny, it doesn’t really matter that some of the sounds are completely obnoxious and make no sense whatsoever to the common language.

The app is really easy to use. All you have to do is find the sound that you like. It could be a line from a song, one or two notes or a sound that you create with different items that are found in the home. You can also speak or sing your own sounds that are later used. This is fun as you can transform the way your own voice sounds so that others don’t know that it’s you on the recording. When you find a song, you can make it appear as though you’re the one singing the lyrics, similar to what you might do in a karaoke bar.

If you’re talented when it comes to making videos, you can take things a step further by adding small clips from videos as background images. You can also offer your reactions to videos that are played online. Once you’re done with the sounds and videos, you can share them on social media sites so that all your friends and family can see you embarrass yourself or so that they can join in with your hidden talents. The selection of music and sounds is growing due in large part to the growing popularity of Dubsmash. You do have to watch for sounds that are of a lesser quality, flagging them for review so that they are removed.



Groupon AppIf you like saving money, then Groupon is an option. It’s similar to a coupon site, but it works in a different fashion. Most of the things that you get discounts for are on attractions and restaurants instead of boxes of cereal or cans of fruits and vegetables. In order to get the discounts, there needs to be several people who are willing to get tickets or attend an event or attraction.

There’s always something different when you’re on Groupon. It could be discounts for an amusement park, bowling or eating at a restaurant where you might not go unless you did have a coupon. There is a time limit as to how long you have to get the coupons. If you know of a group of friends who have been wanting to try something, then this is the best option so that all of you can get the coupons at the same time and use them by the expiration date.

If you aren’t looking for discounts on something to do, there are coupons that you can use on shopping sites for items that you need for the home or for clothing. When you use the coupon and make the purchase, the item is sent to your home or the address that you list. There are deals on everything from kitchen appliances to electronics. It’s a good way to stock up on Christmas gifts and gifts for other special occasions as you won’t be spending full price on the merchandise.

When you choose to get a discount for an attraction or a venue, it’s best to print off the voucher as soon as it’s purchased. There are times when vouchers have been lost on the site, and unless you have a lot of patience, it’s sometimes hard to get the deal back. You can print a receipt of your purchase as well so that you know exactly how much you paid for it and when the purchase was made.

You will find that Groupon features a lot of discounts on hotel stays and restaurants. These are often best used for special events as some of them require at least 10 people to go in on the deal before the discount is eligible. However, there are some that only require a few people before you get the discount, such as at a massage studio or a tanning salon. These make wonderful gifts for someone special, or you can use it as a way to relax after a long day at work. It’s also a way to get a group of friends together and do something special before one gets married or goes off to attend a school for the next year or semester.


Taichi Panda Review


Taichi Panda, developed by Snail Games, is an action packed mobile 3D roleplaying game. The game can be play on either Android or Apple platforms. Players select one of four different avatars to control throughout various combat scenarios. Battling foes provides the player with diamonds, which can be spent to open Epic Chests. The chests contain random items of varying importance and rarity. Diamonds can also be purchased using real world money so that players can upgrade their skills and equipment without feeling burdened by the time it takes to earn them by playing through the game.

At the beginning, your character will be very weak but by defeating enemies you can level up and upgrade your character. As your character levels up, new gameplay modes are unlocked such as multiplayer mode. Once multiplayer mode is playable, the fun really begins. The player has the option to join a guild and team up with other users to fight in large guild vs. guild battles. These battles allow players to connect to the entire Taichi Panda community and add a social aspect to the game. Another feature is player vs. player battles in highly arenas that can be customized. These grueling one-on-one duels are simple enough to be enjoyed by casual gamers, but also sophisticated enough to please experience RPG fans.

One unique feature is the ability to raise a pet in the game. Many different types of animals, and even humans, can be captured and will provide your character with backup through this virtual world. Pets can also be upgraded so that you will safe knowing your character has a crafty sidekick to have their back.

Throughout their journey, characters can collect shards of various items so that when each shard is collected they will form one single, unified piece of equipment. This scavenger hunt adds a unique flavor to Taichi Panda that will keep users engrossed in the gameplay. Between these shards and the items that can be collected via the Epic Chests, there is a constant flow of customizable inventory that the player has access to.

Autoplay and Autoloot are two gameplay features of Taichi Panda that are both convenient for casual gamers. Autoplay allows players to auto-fire their main attack, which can be crucial on the path to victory against an otherwise superior opponent. Autoloot allows players to simulate a scenario in which they receive equipment or other items.

Although Taichi Panda can lag at points and sometimes load slowly, its animation style is beautiful and impressive, especially for a game on a mobile platform. At first, the juxtaposition of warrior-like characters such as skulls, demons, and monsters with cartoonish animation seems like it could potentially clash at but instead it meshes perfectly. Players will certainly find themselves visually immersed in this fantasy world.