The Brit + Co App Is Becoming a Must Have and A Lifestyle.

Brit + CoSmartphones are owned by nearly everyone one in the world. Have you ever asked yourself what thus phones smart? A smartphone is made smart because of mostly the applications it has. The smartphone applications make your life smarter. One of the application which turns your smartphone into a lifestyle and not just a phone is the Brit + Co-application. This application is available for Android phone users. The application can be supported by phones with Android operating system versions 3.0 and above.

This application is a lifestyle application that operates online. In this application, you will find tips and information that will help you in your day to day life. This application has information on all aspects of your lifestyle that includes fashion, entertainment, health, and education. It is also ranked the top Do It Yourself or DIY application in the market. This application contains numerous do it yourself projects that are fun and fascinating to do.

This application has healthy diet recipes that will help you maintain a good eating lifestyle that will be beneficial to your general body health. This application also contains well illustrated foreign recipes from all over the world that will be fun for you to try on. When it comes to fashion, then the Brit + Co-application has got you covered. This application contains information about the latest fashion trends in the market. It covers all angles of the fashion market in depth. With this application on your smartphone, you will be the envy of your peers when it comes to the latest trends in the market.

This application also has the latest news on the entertainment scene. The news on Brit + Co-application is factual and up to date. You won’t be shamed by baseless rumors and non-factual information when you engage in an entertainment chat with your friends. You can be sure that this application will cover all your entertainment needs. This application also contains an informative forum where you can be able to learn about new things every day. This forum contains information about technology, science and other innovative news that are trending all over the world.

This application is fun to use as it uses a graphical perspective to be more appealing to its users. The application supports any information in it with good wide angle photos taken by professionals. You will surely have an unmatched experience using this application. You can download this application to your Android phone from the Google Play Store. The application is also compatible with Android tablets.


Tomb of The Mask App Review

Tomb of the MaskSimplicity is the order of the day in this action packed thriller take on retro style games. The creators didn’t bother with subtly. What you get here is all the style and charm of an old style arcade game, complete with pew pew pew sound effects and colorful bursts of graphics that keep you engaged from beginning to finish. Fans of the old style arcade games are going to love what Tomb of the Mask has to offer and current fans of the game continue to rave about its rightful place as one of the best arcade games available in the iTunes store.

Highlights and Features

– Simplicity: Simplicity was always the rule in old arcade games. That’s not simplicity in the game though. Its simplicity of controls. When you have responsive, simple controls, it paves the way for faster arcade action. Even two buttons can fuel an entire space war.

– Translates well to mobile: More complex games often make awful ports to mobile. Fortunately for Tomb of the Mask, the mobile platform is its dream home. With simple taps and super responsive controls, you get a full-fledged arcade experience in the palm of your hand.

– Weave your way through tombs: The background graphics are old school retro but your imagination can fill in the blanks easily. You’re weaving your way in and out of tombs filled with the most sinister of traps.

– Endless adventures: Arcade games are at heart adventures. This one throws you right into a tomb where you’re trying to find a legendary mask, thus the name Tomb of the Mask. You’ll find plenty to keep you engaged and challenged during this progressively harder game.

– Power-ups galore: No arcade game is worth its weight in quarters without creative power-ups to up the excitement. This one spares no expense in giving you ample opportunities to keep the points rolling. You’ll find yourself discovering new power-ups all the time and racking up the points in no time. Adventure may be the order of the day but this is still a game. You need points and this one gives them to you.

Tomb of The Mask is a fun-filled retro game waiting for you to download it in the iTunes store. You’ll find an active group of players ready and willing to share their scores with you on the leaderboards. Good luck and happy adventuring to you.


Mandala Coloring App from Google Play

Mandala Coloring AppAn increasingly popular trend is being seen through the use of coloring books and sheets to help relax your mind, calm your nerves, or to reach an inner Zen. Mandala Coloring app ages from Google Play is an application that allows you to take your coloring on the go. The application reaches an audience of both kids and adults alike. Let’s take a deeper look into some features of the app, its compatibilities, and the science behind the coloring.

Mandala Coloring Features

With this application you can select from hundreds of different symbols to color at your leisure. The library of images to select from is very extensive, ranging in difficulties from beginner to adult centered coloring pages. The broad age range that this product appeals to makes it fun for an entire family to participate in. You can complete your drawings with your fingers without having to worry about staying in the lines as the app prevents that. You can also use a stylist with your tablet or larger screened device to help create for a more realistic coloring experience. Once you have completed a workbook or portfolio of images, you can purchase your drawings to be printed out in the convenience of your home. This brings the coloring experience to life and is a unique feature not found in such comparable apps.

Device Compatibilities

This application is available via free download from the Google Play store. You will need an account to gain access to your free download, as well as a device that is compatible with downloading the Google Play store. With most phones, tablets, and computer devices you can change your device settings to allow downloads from the Google Play store if you can’t get the application after gaining access to the store itself. A larger screen is preferred, but the application allows a zoom feature with the use of your fingers.

Science behind the Childhood Pastime

The Mandala itself is a symbol found in most Indian religions. Its unique design represents a spiritual depiction of the universe. The different designs you’ll find in your Mandala coloring book represent different depictions from different regions or individuals. The idea behind the coloring aspect relies heavily on getting your brain to fire up in areas that it lacks exercise.

Exercise is commonly misunderstood for something you do entirely with your body in a physical sense. Mental exercise is a beneficial tool for any individual at any age range. The coloring activity helps your brain focus and you can help increase fine motor skills with the concentration involved in using your hands and finger tips. The activity also acts as a major stress reduction technique that will often be prescribed by doctors to combat anxiety, high stress levels, or to help lower blood pressure. Since coloring is an activity that requires patience, focus, and attention to detail; it can better improve certain aspects of your health.


Mandala coloring books are tools to your mental and overall health concerns. This rather simple task can bring you an activity you enjoy and combine it with various health benefits to improve your well-being. The download is simple and the options of images range from simple to difficult, targeting all ages. Take time and download this app for free today and start improving your focus, mental activity, and overall health.