Pandora App for Android

Music can now be personalized specifically to what you want with the Pandora app for your Android.  Listening to the radio is a whole new world with this app.  Pandora gives you the opportunity to create and listen to stations based on your personal preference while also introducing you to new songs and new artists that are similar to your tastes and music styles.  Pandora is streamed through the Internet, and can be used in your car with a simple cord and hook-up.  Don’t waste time listening to the radio when you can personalize your stations on your Android to fit your tastes perfectly.


Pandora works when you create a station with one of your favorite songs or artists.  Once you have entered this information, the app will stream music that is similar to the song or artist you have chosen.  You have the option to choose from an artist or a song, and you can enjoy hours of music with minimal interruptions.


This app also gives you the option to star songs that you like or delete songs that you don’t enjoy.  Your stations become even more personalized when you can rank the songs the station chooses and encourage or discourage them to play them.  Any time you discover a new artist or a new song that you enjoy, you can create a new station that allows you to listen to that song along with music that is similar in style.  Pandora gives you a chance to discover all kinds of new music without having to do all the searching.


Pandora can be streamed from your Android anywhere you have Internet access.  At your home, in the car, or at the gym, you can listen to all your favorite music and discover and enjoy many new songs and artists.  You have the option to create up to one hundred stations so you never tire of your favorite songs and artists.  You can easily switch between stations depending on your mood and what you are doing.  Choose a hard rock station for working out or running, and choose a softer station to wind down and get ready for bed.  Create a romantic station to set the mood for a special date.  And the best part is, no preparation is required.  At the last minute, you can add a station to your Pandora and it is instantly created.


The requirements to run Pandora on your Android vary depending on the device you are currently using.  This app also received an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 when averaged over nine hundred thousand reviews from satisfied users.

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