Periodic Table Android Free App

free android app periodic tablePeriodic Table is a free app for the Android that gives you facts on the periodic table.  It allows you to locate information about the periodic table via index, table or search.  Each element has detailed information including electron shell configurations, gas atomic multiplicities and atomic radius.  The app also has a quiz to help learn the periodic table.

The app is developed by Socratia, a site dedicated to providing a quality education to people all over the world.  The website also offers World Geography, Alphabets, Mythology and the 50 states among others.  The app has the same idea as the website; teach through pictures, fun and quizzes.

Socratia has several apps that are all related to education such as Spelling Bee, Greek Mythology and Sage, which is an app of 400 of the smartest sounding quotations by the most brilliant minds in history.

Periodic Table is a great learning tool for people of all ages.  If you kid needs some help with the Periodic Table or you just need a refresher, then try out this free app.


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