Pic Lock Free App Review

Pic LockIf you are like most people, you probably have that one friend that when you hand them your phone to take a picture, they start flipping through the rest of the pictures you have stored. Naturally, there is probably content in there you just don’t want some other people to see. The same is true if you have kids and they are always trying to hack into your phone, and should someone you don’t even know end up with your phone, you want to protect more than just a handful of pictures. Regardless of the information you want to keep safe, Pick Lock 3 Ultimate Free provides a great way to prevent anyone from seeing your personal content.


When locking down your iPhone, iPad or other Apple device, chances are you probably either have the fingerprint Touch ID activated, or you just have to enter in a four digit code. While these can offer some kinds of protection, anyone who has a bit of knowledge regarding Apple products can eventually work around these protective features. Beyond this, it is often a bit of a hassle when in a text message conversation and you need to constantly scan your finger in order to type the next message. So, if you are like many other people, you don’t have an initial screen lock due to the sheer inconvenience of it. That is why there are all sorts of different locks that are available and come with the Pick Lock 3 Ultimate Free edition.

First, there is the general screen lock. If you want something that is different from the traditional numbers or finger scan feature, you can opt into a pattern lock system. This system is similar to what you might find on an Android based device, only it has added points of interest that make it possible to draw more complex passcodes and reduce the ability for others to guess your code.

Now, there might be times where you are forced to log into your phone and to show off some information that you just don’t want to. Maybe your significant other wants to snoop on your information and they are making you log in, or perhaps someone is attempting to rob you and they want to have you unlock your phone in front of them. There is a decoy feature that helps with this. The decoy feature is associated with a typed in code (the four digit code that you can enable on the device). To launch the decoy feature, you simply type in the code backwards. This opens up the phone, but basically remove all information that you have tagged as not being safe or that you don’t want other people to see. This can include specific pictures, text message conversations, contacts in general, banking information and really anything else you might want to flag.

Another feature is a panic warp option. If someone is approaching you and you just don’t have enough time to close out of the app, there is a “panic warp.” With this, you just flick the phone, shake it, place the screen face down or any number of other options to your selecting the application is automatically shut off that you are running.


The Pic Lock 3 Ultimate Free edition really is one of the very best protective options on any phone out there. These are just some of the best features available on the phone, but there really are dozens more. So, no matter the level of safety desired, this application is able to provide more than what is ever needed.