Rollit Smartly FREE iPhone app Review


The Rollit Smartly Free iPhone app is no just another one of those boring free apps, it is a gem in and of itself.  You can play all kinds of different mazes, pick different ball sizes, and test your patience in this fun labyrinth ball thriller!  The game uses a realistic physics engine and boasts impressive 3D graphics.  You will start out the game in a certain spot and will have to utilize the accelerometer in order to move the ball through the maze until it reaches a certain designated spot on the table.  There are many obstacles to get past including gaping holes that will swallow your ball right up.

This game has a lot of replay value because it auto-generates levels, and you will find a lot of fun and satisfaction in this free iPhone app from Invictus.


  • The gameplay found in the game is based off of a realistic physics engine so it will feel very realistic as you play
  • There is a Carrier Mode that you can participate in that has over70 different levels that you will have to complete
  • The graphics in the game are very impressive, everything is in real-time 3D graphics and you can see all of the different perspective changes as you tilt and turn your phone
  • There are a few different types of tables that you can play on; they include labyrinth style tables, tables that have balls of different sizes, extremely challenging tables with a lot of holes you can fall down, and some very simple mazes that will help you get some practice
  • There are almost an infinite number of levels that you can play in as they are auto-generated
  • The game features a very relaxing and soothing soundtrack to help you concentrate
  • There is the “one more to go” feature that you can use and it will get to you to keep playing for hours and hours
  • Fully uses the phone’s accelerometer as you tilt and turn your ball to safety
  • You can also listen to your own iTunes music during the game if you would rather do that


The realistic physics engine and brilliant 3D graphics really help bring this game to life.  The other fun part is just how you can use the accelerometer to complete the level.  It is a fun app to showcase a lot of what the iPhone can do.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and is currently free to download.

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