Shrek Kart FREE iPhone app Review


Shrek’s next great adventure comes in the form of the Shrek Kart FREE iPhone app.  You will race on over 15 different tracks that are located all over the land of Far Far Away.  You will have to be quick in order to knock off the other racers that are all competing for the Ye Grand Tournament Crown.  Enjoy a variety of original Shrek cast members as well as a few new additions.

This game is loaded with power-ups and obstacles that will keep the game interesting every time that you play it.  Enjoy the fast turns and the easy to control gameplay as you try and make sure that your Kart racer lives Happily Ever After!


  • In the full version there are four modes that you can participate in while only having a single player:  They include the Tournament mode, the Single Race mode, the Arena mode, and the Challenges mode
  • There are over 19 cups that you can compete for in the tournament mode and you can also try and accomplish all 72 challenges
  • There is a multiplayer mode that you can play locally over Bluetooth and Wifi.  Challenge your friends and see who is the fastest!
  • There are 10 different karts that you can choose from and each character has their own specific kart.  Each kart has unique abilities and strengths
  • You can find over 11 different power ups throughout the game.  These will either work to protect you or help you attack another racer.  These include things like the cow that jumped over the moon and angry bees
  • There are 10 characters to start out but a few that can be unlocked.  Choose from Ogre triplets, Gingy, Puss in Boots, Donkey, Shrek, Fiona, Pinocchio, the Big Bad Wolf, the 3 Little Pigs, and Farquaad’s ghost!
  • There are fifteen different tracks that you can race on including three arenas and 12 speedways.  The environments are all rendered in beautiful 3D and they range from the Kingdom to the swamp
  • You can also listen to your favorite songs from iTunes while you are trying to win the racing crown


Very similar to Mario Kart, this game takes all of the good characters and magical creatures of the popular movie Shrek and transforms it into a quality racing game for the iPhone.  You will love the many different tracks to race on, the variety of characters, and the ability to gain power ups to help you be a better racer.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and is currently free to download.

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