SmartDating® Got Features? Oh, Yes.

SmartDating free iPhone app review

If you were making a dating app that included every possible feature you could imagine to make your dating life easier to manage, then you would have made SmartDating®.  This iPhone is for any level of dater out there.  If you like to see a lot of people, keeping it casual, the app can help you keep track of who you chat with and even help you locate other Smart Daters to meet.  If you are the more serious romantic type when it comes to dating, then SmartDating® has some features for you also.

The Top Features

SmartDating® has a lot of features, so here are some of the best ones that impressed us:

Location Targeted Dating, Proxidating

Charm other users by sending virtual gifts

Add Photos and Video with Ease

Integrates with Facebook and Social Connect

A neat wink system

Add Your Favorite Smart Daters to a Smart List or Hot List

Automatically Store Search Preferences

Location based dating is fairly new, it’s like using foursquare to find dates.  With SmartDating®, Smart Daters can turn on the feature for proxidating and see other Smart Daters in the area as well as be seen.  If you want to meet, then you send them a message, let them know you are interested and wait for their response.  If it’s a yes, then you are on a date in a matter of minutes.  It’s really that simple.

This feature is really great for college towns and college campuses.  Life is hectic, a lot of us don’t have time between work and school or other commitments, but most of us can find a half hour to an hour for a lunch.  That’s why SmartDating® is cool; you can locate someone in your vicinity and ask them to meet for lunch.  So add one more feature to this app – Maximizes Time for Socializing.

SmartDating® has solved a problem that has been plaguing modern daters for years now.  It has been a matter of so much to do, so little time to date, but this app turns that all around and finds you the time to date.  VisionSync has handed daters a free app that can completely improve the way that dating is done.  We call that a definite must download.

Facebook, the World’s Largest Social Network + SmartDating®

If you were a dating app claiming to be smart where is the first place you would link up with?  If you said Facebook, then you are SmartDating®.  VisionSync has linked up SmartDating® with the highly popular Facebook app, Social Connect and the results are outstanding.  The amount of daters for the SmartDating® app is virtually infinite as more people join Facebook, the more daters that are available with SmartDating®.  That is a really smart way to keep the dating pool populated with active daters. Online dating sites often have low active member counts, but this app is different, it has access to the largest available group of online daters.

As far as dating apps go, SmartDating® is the best one we have ever seen.  Other dating apps have the usual and the expected, like messaging and profile management, but SmartDating® has so much more than that.  This app actually lets you send a real gift to someone that you are chatting with on the app.  That’s a really cool feature that no other dating apps have figured out yet.

Connecting with Social Connect and Facebook is probably the smartest thing a dating app could do.  This probably makes this app one of the highest member dating databases right out of the box.  This is great for daters, because it really offers them a lot more opportunity to find that someone special.


This is a 10 out of 10 app in our book.  Anyone that is dating, looking for love, etc. will love having this app on their iPhone.  VisonSync, developer of SmartDating®, have developed some other great apps for the iPhone and Android.  Their previous successes with apps have led them to yet another winning app with this new release.


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