Squid (formerly Papyrus) – The New Way to Write and Draw

squid-formerly-papyrusSquid, The New Way to Write and Draw

Taking handwritten notes is an absolute must for many people. You need to take notes to jot down and remember important ideas, to edit papers, even to write letters and memos. But in many cases, you just can’t do that anymore. The pen and paper or notepad are too bulky or you forget them and when you need to write something down you’re just out of luck. Well, that’s where technology can come in and save the day. If you have an android tablet you are using, then you can have enough space to write a book if you want to because now there is Squid. Squid is an Android application that runs on the iPad and other devices. Squid makes it easy to take notes write essays, write PDF files, edit papers, and even write books if you feel like it. You can use almost anything to write with on Squid like a passive stylus, active pen, and even your finger. You can also easily markup and redo PDF’s, copy or paste and move written content around your document to even import images and draw shapes. In fact, turn your device into a basic whiteboard and give presentations or use it as a conference platform by wirelessly connecting it to a projector or television screen. Squid has hundreds of uses.

Squid is comprised of a vector-based graphics engine that is designed to keep and illustrate your notes and images in a graphically pleasing format regardless of the zoom level you use or the devices you are running Squid on. Modifying your work is a snap too because you have the capability to erase entire letters and words quickly with stroke eraser tool or if you decide to you can just erase parts of a sentence or image by using the true eraser tool. If you decide on using the selection tool you can alter not only the color and thickness of the handwriting but you can even resize a drawing in your document whenever you want, all without any loss of quality. By using squid with an active pen, Squid can take advantage of the pen’s special features by providing your writing and drawing experience with natural, pressure sensitive capabilities, just like a real pencil. It has also been meticulously engineered to be not only a powerful writing and drawing tool but to also be simple and intuitive to use.