Task Rabbit

TaskRabbitCrowd sourcing used to be thought of as data entry -overwhelming tasks that were broken down into smaller, more manageable jobs that paid a fraction of the price. Now days though, crowd sourcing has taken on a whole new aspect. Bringing people together to accomplish everyday jobs.

One of the newest and most popular services out there for people is Task Rabbit. Weather you’re on a tight schedule and need to deliver files across town but can’t leave the office, to a person with a bike that has a few extra hours in the day and needs to make some extra cash.

This peer-to-peer service connects people with a problem to people with a solution. From personal chores you never have time to finish -that pile of laundry and dirty kitchen aren’t going to take care of themselves- to the fast paced professional world where things need to be done quickly no matter what the cost, Task Rabbit has you covered.

Each Tasker goes through a process of identity confirmation and submits to a criminal background check so that you are provided the best possible experience. Each task is insured up to a million dollars! Its backed by 24/7 Member services so you never need to worry that a task won’t be completed on time.

On the flip side, are you loyal, dependable and always finish what you start? Maybe you are in between full time jobs? Maybe you just like helping people who need a job done right? Maybe Task Rabbit has something to offer you. The sign up process is quick and easy, you give TaskRabbit your full name and your email address and once you’ve completed the process you’ll be able to start accepting tasks immediately.

Instead of flipping burgers for minimum wage in your spare time you could be helping someone’s mom put the finishing touches on a party room for a birthday. Or maybe you’ll be helping someone in the corporate world finish a project just under their deadline and inadvertently save their career. That’s the coolest part about Task Rabbit from the Taskers point of view. You can choose the job. You can help real people instead of a faceless corporate giant.

Bottom line, if you have a problem Task Rabbit Taskers can find a solution. Its backed by amazing support that is available 24/7 for all of your needs. The service is available in 19 major cities and they are expanding constantly. As a person needing a job done, you can count on Taskers to get it done quickly and professionally. As a person looking for some extra cash flow, it’s a great opportunity get hands on in your own community and make some extra money. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.