The Weather Channel BlackBerry app Review


The Weather Channel BlackBerry app is a great tool to have on you, especially if you love the outdoors.  This is an easy and quick way to check the weather to see what mother nature has prepared for you that day.  Get up to date information on the chance that it will rain or snow, how windy it will be, and the highs and lows for the day.  You can get forecasts for the next ten days and even see radar maps.

Get notifications for sever weather alerts as well as possible delays at the local airport.  If there are important alerts that will affect other people then you can always forward these alerts to your loved ones.  Never wonder what the temperature is going to be ever again with the free Weather Channel BlackBerry app.


  • This app is the best weather app to date out on the BlackBerry
  • You can put in multiple locations that you would like to get weather information for;  Search for these places by typing in the city and state, or just put in the zipcode to find nearby areas
  • The app features a few different options that you can get information for.  You can the typical high and low of the day
  • There is an hourly forecast where you can see how hot or cold it is going to be for the next day or so  in whatever location you decide
  • You can also look at the 10 day forecast to check out what to plan for the coming week.  This is also a great feature if you are looking to go out of town for vacation
  • The app gets its information from The Weather Channel, which is one of the foremost leaders in accurate weather readings
  • There are small ads that run at the bottom of the app but they are not bad enough to worry about
  • Each reading will give you the time, the temperature highs and lows, the chance of rain, snow, or clouds, as well as the wind direction and how fast it is traveling


Having the weather forecast in the palm of your hand has never been so nice.  Rather than waking up each morning to check the paper, or watch the news for weather forecasts, you can get it right on you phone.  Comes in super handy, and you will find yourself checking it quite often.  The readings are accurate and the interface is easy to navigate through.

Voted 3 1/2 stars out of 5 by BlackBerry app users and is currently free to download.

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