Tomb of The Mask App Review

Tomb of the MaskSimplicity is the order of the day in this action packed thriller take on retro style games. The creators didn’t bother with subtly. What you get here is all the style and charm of an old style arcade game, complete with pew pew pew sound effects and colorful bursts of graphics that keep you engaged from beginning to finish. Fans of the old style arcade games are going to love what Tomb of the Mask has to offer and current fans of the game continue to rave about its rightful place as one of the best arcade games available in the iTunes store.

Highlights and Features

– Simplicity: Simplicity was always the rule in old arcade games. That’s not simplicity in the game though. Its simplicity of controls. When you have responsive, simple controls, it paves the way for faster arcade action. Even two buttons can fuel an entire space war.

– Translates well to mobile: More complex games often make awful ports to mobile. Fortunately for Tomb of the Mask, the mobile platform is its dream home. With simple taps and super responsive controls, you get a full-fledged arcade experience in the palm of your hand.

– Weave your way through tombs: The background graphics are old school retro but your imagination can fill in the blanks easily. You’re weaving your way in and out of tombs filled with the most sinister of traps.

– Endless adventures: Arcade games are at heart adventures. This one throws you right into a tomb where you’re trying to find a legendary mask, thus the name Tomb of the Mask. You’ll find plenty to keep you engaged and challenged during this progressively harder game.

– Power-ups galore: No arcade game is worth its weight in quarters without creative power-ups to up the excitement. This one spares no expense in giving you ample opportunities to keep the points rolling. You’ll find yourself discovering new power-ups all the time and racking up the points in no time. Adventure may be the order of the day but this is still a game. You need points and this one gives them to you.

Tomb of The Mask is a fun-filled retro game waiting for you to download it in the iTunes store. You’ll find an active group of players ready and willing to share their scores with you on the leaderboards. Good luck and happy adventuring to you.