Top Free Android Apps Mouse Trap

Top Free Android Apps Mouse Trap

Your mission in Mouse Trap, free app for the Android, is to help a mouse escape a testing lab. The game is a simple puzzle game with a gimmicky, yet cute mouse that must survive or else you will experience immense guilt unless you have sociopathic tendencies. Should that be the case, you may not even want to help the mouse at all or download the app for that matter. However, if you think mice are cute and worth saving from the perils of maze puzzle apps then this is the game for you.

Mouse Trap

Mouse trap is basically a puzzle slider but you get to gain coins and unlock other bonuses throughout the game. So, there’s 1200 levels and that should keep you busy for awhile. The game does require a lot of patiences so it’s more of a ten minute session then put it away for a day or two. This is one of the best puzzle slider games on the Android Market.

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