Toss It Android app Review


The Toss It Android app is  the ultimate time waster.  The basis of the game is very simple.  You take a crumpled up piece of paper and attempt to shoot it into the waste bin that you see on the screen.  There are, however,  a few key factors that effect how well your shot will be.  For one, you will have to cope with a fan that has been placed right in front of the trash bin.  The number that is displayed next to the fan shows how fast the wind speed is, so you will have to adjust the angle of your throw so that you can still get it in the basket.

The more shots you get in a row, the better score you can post online.  You can see the local leaderboards and see who has got the best crumpled paper shot.  You will have to waste countless hours in order to claim the title of master paper thrower, but in the end there are not many titles more prestigious than that.


  • The gameplay is very simple;  take a crumpled up piece of paper and learn how to throw it in a trash bin
  • You will have to judge your velocity and direction of the paper ball correctly in order to get it in the bin
  • There are also fans that are placed around the trash bin to give you an added challenge with differing wind speeds
  • Learn to adjust your angles before you flick to match the number of the wind speed
  • You get points by how many paper balls you throw into the can; the more consecutive shots you get into the trash bin, the better score you will have
  • You can post your high scores online for your friends to see
  • There are a few different background to play in to keep it interesting.
  • You can also adjust the size of the garbage can in order to make it more difficult


The world’s most popular time waster has now gone digital.  Instead of really crumpling balls of paper you can just do it from your phone.  Much less annoying, and there is no cleanup required.  The main downside to this game is that it gets very repetitive.  There are not a lot of features to keep it interesting and will probably only be fun when you are super bored.

Voted 3.4 out of 5 stars  by Android app users and can currently be downloaded for free.

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