WeFi – Automatic WiFi Android app Review


Do you enjoy getting on local WiFi to browse the internet, watch YouTube videos, and play your games online?  One of the great things about the Android phone is your ability to connect to any WiFi network that is in range of you phone.  This allows you to go anywhere and still get local internet signals.  The only problem is, you have to manually go into your phone settings and connect to each individual WiFi.  This can be annoying to have to keep doing this each and every time you get in range of a network.  With the WeFi – Automatic WiFi Android app you will never have to do this manual work again.  The WeFi app automatically connects you to the best WiFi network that is in range of your phone.  This is a great way to always have the fastest local network ready and available on your phone at all times.

One of the other great things about this app is that it has been created to help you preserve as much battery life as possible.  Everyone knows that the WiFi usually takes up more battery life, and constantly searching for it can take up even more.  This app, however, will run in the background while you are using it but will turn off as soon as you put your phone in sleep mode.  This helps makes your battery last longer, and makes this app even more worth it to download.


  • This app eliminates the need for you to manually connect your Android phone to WiFi
  • It find the best available networks and automatically connects you to those WiFi channels
  • Will conserve your battery life by turning off when your phone is in the sleep mode.  It does work constantly while you are using your phone and are active
  • You can also connect to the Window Shadow and get necessary notifications from Android
  • You can customize this app quite a bit if you just go into the preferences tab


This app makes up for a feature that should just come on the Android phone itself.  It can be a real pain to always have to go into your network settings and connect to each individual WiFi that you have in the area.  This eliminates that need and is extremely convenient.  Not only that, the fact that it turns off while your phone is asleep is a great way to help you save battery life.

Voted 4.1 out of 5 stars by Android app users anc can currently be downloaded for free.

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