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iPad App Where's My WaterWhere’s My Water App

I am a grown man, so playing a Disney game on my iPad is a little unsettling.  However, this is one of the more challenging games I have played in a long time.  Where’s my Water is a simple game that incorporates the concept of mazes, pathing and a little bit of Dig Dug.  The object of the game is to get water to this crocodile that sits at the bottom of the screen awaiting in a bathtub.  The water follows the path that you set for it by digging tunnels, or by affecting other objects in the environment.

This game has a lot of starting content for the free version and the unlocked version is completely under-priced.  It’s a terrific and well thought out game that I am thoroughly enjoying.  The game also has unlockable levels depending on how many rubber duckies you can save.  It also appears that each level also has at least 1 hidden object that you can find for an extra bonus.  A mitten is the first thing I remember, but there are other hidden objects also.  Where’s my water has kept me entertained for hours at a time and it’s hard to put the iPad down, but so far, there has always been a challenge when I return.

You’ll want to at least try out the free version.  Ignore that it is from Disney, there’s not really that Disney feel to it.  It’s just a really well designed game that provides a real challenge for any age.  Check it out on any of your devices.  I almost guarantee that you will absolutely love this game.

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