YouTube Nokia app Review


Nokia is still catching up to the Android and the iPhone as far as apps go, but they have already taken care of most of the basics.  The YouTube Nokia app is one of those Nokia apps that would seem standard for anyone that has a smartphone.  YouTube is one of the most entertaining video outlets that we have available to us.  You can now sit down at any point of the day and be thoroughly entertained for hours on end with the videos that have been created.

This app also offers some much needed features in order to fully enjoy YouTube.  One of these things is the ability to search without having to do very much typing.  You can get on the app and search by video title, playlist, channel, or video creator.  Once you find the video that you are looking for you can also see the playlist feature an pick other related videos that you might be interested in.  If you find some that you really like, then you can always add them to your favorites list so that you can show your friends the video later.  This is one of the best free apps on the market and is definitely worth downloading.


  • This is the official app from the popular site YouTube
  • This was specifically designed for Nokia Series 60 and provides the videos in seamless transition and quick downloads
  • The search features on the app are extremely easy to use and you can search by video name, creator, or by channel
  • There is also a feature called the “Query Suggestion”  which allows you to search for your favorite videos without having to type so much in
  • There is a My Account option where you can customize settings and update your profile
  • There is also a favorites section for your favorite videos, a playlist feature to help you see related videos, and also a subscription feature to help you see your favorite channels
  • Can also toggle video resolution on some of the videos


Who doesn’t want YouTube with them at all times?  It is one of the most entertaining websites on the internet today.  Now you can have access to YouTube at any time during the day with this little app.  You will find yourself wasting hours and hours on videos that other people have made.  Definitely a must have app  for the Nokia and what’s even better is that it is free.

Voted 4 out of 5 stars by Nokia app users and can currently be downloaded for free.

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